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The May Day House Session 2022


Got to love a Bank Holiday over in the UK and a chance to do an impromptu mix of new bits I'm feeling. Hope you enjoy!

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The Easter Sunday Soulful Session 2022


Happy Easter one and all! Inspired by the lovely weather, I've put a mix together of brand new Soulful and Disco with a hint of House for good measure! Hope you enjoy and catch up with you all soon!

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The March House Session 2022


Thanks for your patience! Due to the delay, I've done a bumper mix of Electronic, Soulful, Disco and House for your listening pleasure! Hope you like, see ya soon!! Disco x

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The February House Session 2022


Here's a mix of new tunes that I'm feeling alongside some very improvised last minute editions! Hope you like!!

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The 'Actual' January House Session 2022


Don't you just love it when you buy a load of new songs, hit record for posterity and it actually all works out first time around?! This is one of those very rare examples. Please enjoy!

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A January House Session 2022


Happy New Year! Here's a new mix of brand new stuff, really old things and me messing around. I really hope you like it!

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The Best of the House Session 2021


It's that time of year where I do a mix of some of my favourite tunes of the year. This year we went a little overboard with the longest House Session ever!! Thank you so much for listening this year and happy holidays to you all!!

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The December House Session 2021


Straight back from the US and straight back in the mix with some old, some new, and some songs I heard when I was away!

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The Essex to LA to Vegas to LA to Essex One


A very impromptu, going in completely cold, want to have something to listen to on a plane, will come back and do it later. Yeah, one of those. Will be back for a best of the year mix soooooon. Thanks so much for listening!

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Friyay Foos Aboot 21


So...this was going to be a main stream entry...but, I decided to take the mix on a tangent. It's a new mix, it's all over the place. Best of the Year Mix is probably next!

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